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reader of books.
discoverer of joy.
this is my universe, squeezed. welcome.

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a small family

V told me the other day that i should have three more boys so that H wouldn’t bother her. then she thought a moment and threw in two girls to the mix so she would have sisters. i laughed. but it was an empty laugh.

i always shuffle around the question of kids. it’s not […]


in the bible, ruth gathers sheaves: leftover bits from the harvest. i imagine her stuffing bits into a turned up apron—though i’m hardly a biblical scholar and wouldn’t know whether she had an apron or not. i see her scurrying behind broad men with scythes, sweeping down the wheat in one smooth motion, and ruth […]

nerds for breakfast

this past week i woke up one morning and the magic was gone. just like someone somewhere snapped their fingers or clapped their hands and i’m back to that place where everything makes me cry. macaroni exploded in the microwave. i cried. there was a commercial about families during the olympics. i cried. H told […]


after writing and then hearing from so many of you, i felt as though i was picked up and carried in your arms. it may seem strange to claim that words and love and typed letters on a page can turn into a physical feeling, but, this is where everything turns miraculous. friends, i was […]

never flinch

i imagine my little internet self (who somehow looks like an oompa loompa, but i don’t have time or reason to explain that) standing in mountain pose with my hands at my heart and making a small and humble bow to all of you who have reached out to me since i rubbed myself raw […]