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on the project table: simplicity 1873

i can’t really point to a sewing project that took me from a beginner to an intermediate, but i think my friends, that this dress took me from the the limbo world of intermediate into a “definitely advanced intermediate” sewist. or something. i mean, look at that sucker.

this dress took me months. i […]

summer: jes style

the blog got a little dusty – but for good reason. i decided to outfit my little troops and take them to utah for three weeks. on the surface it looks a wee bit insane. but really it was an act of desperation, we were nearing the end of dear husband’s residency and the bleakness […]

on the bookshelf: serious fluff

i just finished reading edenbrooke by julianne donaldson.

let me preface the following by saying there are two things in this world that truly irk me. the first, regency romance novels written by contemporary authors. the second, children up past their bedtimes.

that said, edenbrooke is a regency romance written by a contemporary author. even […]

mental monday: the day i said happy

i walked into my doctor’s office last week and she said, “how are you?” [in case you’re not familiar with having a mental illness, this is a loaded question, not small talk.] and i said, “i’m happy.” and she said, “i don’t think you’ve ever said that before.” and i said, “no, i don’t think […]

the disappearance of things

you know you are getting old and crotchety when things that you like and are used to begin to disappear and this makes you upset. and perturbed. and a little rough around the edges. i’m sure most of you know that google is taking away google reader. this is probably because i liked it and […]