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sand in my shirt

i was playing at the park with v today. i got sand down my shirt. i got a hot dog. hung out with a whole bunch of preschool parents and their kids. for a minute anyway, i could look away from my own problems to the more immediate need to police a tiny horde going […]

the princess and the pea

when i was curled on a hard chair in the mental hospital, the TV blaring, trying block out some sort of tiff between the other patients last august, i thought my life had plummeted to the bottom of the bottom. it was the first day of school and any time i pictured someone else putting […]

a small family

V told me the other day that i should have three more boys so that H wouldn’t bother her. then she thought a moment and threw in two girls to the mix so she would have sisters. i laughed. but it was an empty laugh.

i always shuffle around the question of kids. it’s not […]

nerds for breakfast

this past week i woke up one morning and the magic was gone. just like someone somewhere snapped their fingers or clapped their hands and i’m back to that place where everything makes me cry. macaroni exploded in the microwave. i cried. there was a commercial about families during the olympics. i cried. H told […]

we moved to virginia

i think i read somewhere that blogs aren’t that cool anymore. that’s okay. i’ll tell you another secret… i’m wearing bootcut jeans. another indicator of my age or my uncoolness or the way i look at the world with a little perplexity and then keep doing things the way i’ve always done them.

i’ve been […]