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last month’s reading

i just finished reading “the orchid house” by lucinda riley. the book fascinated me, mainly because it was a string of improbable cliches. even though i clearly hated the book early on, i could not stop reading it. no explanation. then, i got to page 215. then, the book went to page 245. yes, you […]

still reading

i just finished “ghosts of everest: the search for mallory & irvine” by hemmleb, johnson, and simonson. i don’t have a habit of reading nonfiction–even though that was my course of study in grad school, go figure–but i charged through this book. it’s well-written and compelling, like a good mystery novel. the writers put together […]

more summer reads

so, “the way of kings” by brandon sanderson. the problem with this brandon guy is i have this personal vendetta: he went through the same graduate program as me but now he’s written a bazillion books and, well, i haven’t. good enough excuse to hate someone? we’ll have to think on it. back to the […]

summer reading

so, i started listening to “unbroken” by laura hillenbrand. i might give away some of the plot, if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing… anyway, i started listening to this book, which is incredibly compelling. sort of like watching a twenty car pile up. so i listened to the guy running races and then […]

more books

back again today with more books. just finished “the martian” by andy weir and read by r. c. bray. this book was terrific and hilarious. bray’s interpretation was inspired: i admit to laughing foolishly while listening. in fact, i think this book is probably better as an audio book, the inflection and sarcasm was perfect. […]