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back again, jiggity jog

i haven’t written here in over a year, but i want to come back. maybe someday i will write about the past year and maybe i won’t. but i do know that i will start blogging again with books. because, really, it all comes back to books and stories and words.

i just finished listening […]

on the bookshelf: crocodile on the sandbank

well. blimey. i haven’t posted in eons. how about that. (want to know something funny? i’ve been writing blog posts on pieces of paper. i have a bunch of them. in a notebook. on pieces of paper! in ink! just sitting there. yeah. we’ll get to that sometime.)

i’ve felt so incredibly sad about boston […]

glass castles and such

i did it. finally. i read the glass castle. and i really liked it. sure, it was good writing. compelling story. bizarre. horrific. but mainly, it made me feel like i am not such a very big failure at parenting. heck, i feed my kids every single day whether they want it or not.

i […]

seuss me

little hal has a new favorite book: green eggs and ham.

for the past few days, i have read green eggs and ham about six times a day, on average.

he won’t let me skip any words either. (uncanny how the little tyke is already onto that game.)

after repeating i will not, will not […]

oprah buries the book

i hope i’m overreacting.

this afternoon, sprawled on the couch, trying to ease the braxton-hicks contractions, i started flipping through the channels. and there was larger than life oprah (maybe this is why we need cable) telling the entire world that the amazon kindle was the most amazing gadget EVER.

the minute she uttered those […]