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Ride the Book Trail




Book Trail FAQs

What is The Book Trail?

It’s a book group. Plain old book group. That means we read the same books at the same time and then we talk. The only awkward thing is that we can’t have crullers and cocoa together.

Can I join?

Yes! Please! You (especially) should join. We’re hoping to make a community of readers—if you want to read or think about reading or can’t stop reading, join us. Let’s read together.

How do I join?

There’s no magic. No survey. No name card. No form to fill out. Just start reading the book listed in our sidebar and jump in on the conversation at the end of the month.

How often do you read?

One book, once a month. We open for discussion on the last day of each month, but our discussion (in the comments section of that particular review) can go on as long as you like.

Where do you hold the discussion?

Right here on the blog. The last day of the month a review from either me or a delightful guest host will appear as a blog post. The discussion begins in the comment section for that post. Check the “Recent Comments” section in the sidebar to see who’s saying what where.

Where do you find these delightful guest hosts?

They’re just cool people I know.

I’m into books, can I be a guest host?

Absolutely. Simply send me an email from the contact form. Include your name, a little info on who you are, and the book you’d like to discuss, along with a few reasons why you think this book would be great for a discussion.

I’m sort of shy and I don’t think I have anything interesting to say. Can I read the books and the review and all the comments, but just be a cyber-wallflower and never make any comments myself?

Um. I wish I could stop you. I wish I could turn you upside-down and let ideas fall out of your pockets and onto your keyboard. But I can’t. So. Do what you must. But, know this, I think everyone has an important voice with something important to say. Even you. (Especially) you.

Hey! I read the book and I made a comment but it’s not showing up! What’s the deal?

Patience. All first-time comments have to moderated. (Sometimes this takes longer than you think it should.) Once your first comment has been approved (provided you continue to use the same user name and login), you’re good to go.

Where did you come up with that snazzy title—Ride the Book Trail?

I’m glad you asked. It’s actually pulled right off one of my favorite Children’s Book Week posters from about 1932 or so. (Don’t check that date. It’s not super accurate. It’s not even sort of accurate. But do check out The Children’s Book Council.)