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last month’s reading

i just finished reading “the orchid house” by lucinda riley. the book fascinated me, mainly because it was a string of improbable cliches. even though i clearly hated the book early on, i could not stop reading it. no explanation. then, i got to page 215. then, the book went to page 245. yes, you read that right, the book was missing 30 pages. i can only assume that those missing pages contain the climax of the novel since it was most definitely not in the other 400 pages. anyway, my official sum of the novel is that it was overdone, ridiculous, and unbelievable. i mean that in the kindest way possible.

i also read “all the light we cannot see” by anthony doerr. in contrast, this book was magic. breathtaking prose, carefully crafted characters, beautiful plot. if i met you on the street i would probably push this book into your hands and tell you to read it.

and, to add to the list, “cavendon women” by barbara taylor bradford (fun!), “the storied life of a.j. fikry” by gabrielle zevin (meh), “wool” by hugh howey (excellent), “on writing” by stephen king (great), and “big little lies” by liane moriarty (fascinating).

and currently reading, “mistborn” by brandon sanderson via audible and “girl waits with gun” by amy stewart. reviews forthcoming.

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  • Jamie

    I read “Big Little Lies” too!! I was highly entertained by the blonde bobs and the characature of elementary school social rules. Also the way she gradually let you see more of the characters until you realized your first impressions of them weren’t so accurate. I’ll have to try “All the Light We Cannot See.” You make it sound amazing!!

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