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still reading

i just finished “ghosts of everest: the search for mallory & irvine” by hemmleb, johnson, and simonson. i don’t have a habit of reading nonfiction–even though that was my course of study in grad school, go figure–but i charged through this book. it’s well-written and compelling, like a good mystery novel. the writers put together¬†something that reads like a book and not like a set of mountaineering notes. if you’re at all interested in everest, i recommend this.¬†or, like me, you may not know you’re interested in everest until you read this book.

also, i’m currently making my slow way through “words of radiance” by brandon sanderson on the kindle (beats carrying a heavy fantasy novel all over). all i have to say is it’s killing me not to know what a “safe hand” is. also want to know what the parshendi are. seriously, i’ve read a gazillion pages and he’s not giving me anything. maybe it’s because i am the next surgebinder….

and i’m too embarrassed to tell you what i’m listening to on audible. if you guess right i’ll give you two dollars.

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