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more summer reads

so, “the waProduct Detailsy of kings” by brandon sanderson. the problem with this brandon guy is i have this personal vendetta: he went through the same graduate program as me but now he’s written a bazillion books and, well, i haven’t. good enough excuse to hate someone? we’ll have to think on it. back to the book. it’s long. and nothing in particular happens. i kept thinking to myself, “why am i reading this?” and yet, i kept reading it. i find his novels incredibly engrossing, even when nothing is happening. (and of course the whole time i’m reading his books, i’m also silently cursing him. as if he took all my writing mojo or something just by existing.) to quote ramona quimby (one of the best characters of all time), “i can’t believe i read the whole thing.” i would recommend this book to anyone sci-fi or fantasy prone. wouldn’t suggest it as your first foray into the genre. for that i think i would recommend “mistborn.” and, as we know, brandon sanderson is the gift that keeps giving. there’s a second novel out in this born-to-be-epic series called “words of radiance” and i’m reading it. should keep me busy for a long time.

and in the world of audio books, i downloaded amy poehler’s book “yes, please.” i worship amy poehler. i think parks and rec was the best thing to happen on television since the gummy bears. but i hate this book. i cannot listen to it anymore. i thought it would be witty and hilarious. it is not. and it grinds through pages and pages of what it’s like to be on SNL. i know it’s a memoir-ish book and plot is optional, but this book is all over the place. and she uses the f word so much it made me uncomfortable and i have a relatively high tolerance for a well-used expletive. sorry, amy, i’m going to see if audible will take this one back.

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  • holly

    i love brandon sanderson. one time i emailed him and invited him over to dinner. he politely declined the next day.

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